Sunday, May 15, 2011

13 Fun Facts about Clouds

1. It takes somewhere between a few minutes and an hour for clouds to be created.

2. There are 3 categories of clouds, depending on their height from the ground, low clouds, medium clouds and high clouds.

3. Loud clouds are normally made up of water droplets and have a base under 2,000 meters.

4. Medium clouds are normally made up of water droplets also, but have a base somewhere between 2,000 and 7,000 meters.

5. High clouds are usually made up of ice crystals, and have a base somewhere between 5,500 and 14,000 meters.

6. Saturn has clouds. In fact, any planet or moon with an atmosphere has clouds.

7. Clouds appear white because they reflect the suns light.

8. In Iran, clouds are a good omen.

9. Noctilucent clouds are so high, that they can reflect the suns light and are visible even during the night.

10. The classic white cloud is known as "Cumulus".

11. Hindu's and Buddhist's believe that Cumulus clouds are the spiritual cousins of elephants.

12. There is an official international Cloud Committee.

13. Clouds develop vertically or horizontally.