Friday, May 13, 2011

13 Scintillating Substantialities about Swaziland

1. Swaziland’s official name is the “Kingdom of Swaziland”

2. Swaziland has a population of 1.2 million people.

3. Swaziland is ruled by King Mswatii III.

4. Swaziland is small, only 200km from North to South, and 130km across.

5. Swaziland is also known as Ngwane.

6. The countries population is just over 1 million.

7. The kingdom of Swaziland gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1968.

8. The official language of Swaziland is SiSwati

9. Six times as many people use mobile phones compared to home phones in Swaziland.

10. Swaziland has 301km of railways.

11. Swaziland has the highest prevalence of AIDS in the world.

12. Swaziland borders Mozambique and South Africa.

13. Swaziland has never had a professional surfer, as it is landlocked